Costa 1.7.4 released

Posted on the 1st of October, 2023


Costa 1.7.4 has landed, and includes - like previous versions in the 1.7.x series - mostly fixes and performance improvements.

The big news this time, however, is the release to the public of the Minesweeper game previously mentioned here on the blog.

A fully featured game with different board sizes, optional audio and - as always in Costa - complete keyboard support for those old computers without a mouse. I’ve spent hours testing the game, which was great fun I might add, and it should run well even on old 386-based PCs. There’s also a cheat code - see if you can find it without looking at the source code!

Download Costa 1.7.4

Head on over to the download section to get a copy of Costa 1.7.4 today!