The Archive

I have decided to make every previous version of Costa available for download, to preserve its history and to allow anyone interested in seeing how Costa has evolved to do so.

In the archive you will find a complete list of releases, with changelog for each version, as well as a screenshot.

It's a long list, with releases spanning nearly two decades.

Version 0.7.0

Released on the 28th of May, 2005


This release of Costa was very popular (I got a lot of positive reactions to it).

  • Improved scripting language, now with variable support. All commands in the scripting language will accept variables instead of parameters.
  • Documentation
  • Built-in desktop customization. No more editing files! Icons can be moved, added and deleted just by right clicking the desktop
  • Some improvements in the code for speed and stability
  • Costa takes up 200 KB RAM, but thanks to a new EXE runner Costa only takes up 40 KB RAM when running external programs
  • Some bug fixes and small improvements to some graphics and icons

To download the most recent version of Costa, head on over to the Download section.