The Archive

I have decided to make every previous version of Costa available for download, to preserve its history and to allow anyone interested in seeing how Costa has evolved to do so.

In the archive you will find a complete list of releases, with changelog for each version, as well as a screenshot.

It's a long list, with releases spanning nearly two decades.

Version 1.0.0

Released on the 6th of May, 2012


Since version 0.9.9, not much has changed - the focus was on improving stability and fixing any bugs I could stumble upon.

  • Documentation finished
  • Various bugfixes and stability improvements
  • Parts of the code further optimized
  • The icon editor now has an icon selector, instead of requiring a filename to open an existing icon
  • More icons has been added using the image editor introduced in 0.9.9
  • TextViewer no longer redraws the entire screen when scrolling, improving performance drastically
  • The icon editor will now ask before overwriting an existing icon
  • The icon editor now draws its grid using a pattern of grey and black, rather than just black, so that the grid is still visible when a region is painted black

To download the most recent version of Costa, head on over to the Download section.