The Archive

I have decided to make every previous version of Costa available for download, to preserve its history and to allow anyone interested in seeing how Costa has evolved to do so.

In the archive you will find a complete list of releases, with changelog for each version, as well as a screenshot.

It's a long list, with releases spanning nearly two decades.

Version 1.7.1

Released on the 10th of April, 2023


The focus for 1.7.1 is performance improvements, and reduction of file sizes. Not many new features have been implemented, but some have been removed. The config utility has seen a complete rewrite and many icons have been remade. VGA support has been removed, as EGA 640x350 looks good on both old CRT monitors, and modern widescreen monitors where the aspect radio fits nicely.

  • New icon format - sacrificing transparency for speed. At the same time, a bunch of icons have been remade to fit this new format better
  • Replaced user profiles with desktop pages - 5 navigable pages for icons
  • Remade configuration utility from scratch - much simpler and cleaner UI
  • Improved UI in Tic Tac Toe, added status bar
  • Moved input box code to separate module, to save space on programs that didn’t use it
  • Removed VGA support - Costa now uses EGA 640x350 exclusively
  • Removed “Tip of the Day” functionality
  • Removed many redundant calls to system interrupts, improving performance
  • Bug fixes

To download the most recent version of Costa, head on over to the Download section.