The Archive

I have decided to make every previous version of Costa available for download, to preserve its history and to allow anyone interested in seeing how Costa has evolved to do so.

In the archive you will find a complete list of releases, with changelog for each version, as well as a screenshot.

It's a long list, with releases spanning nearly two decades.

Version 1.7.4

Released on the 13th of August, 2023


Costa 1.7.4 brings a classic PC game to Costa for the first time - Minesweeper! Complete with several different difficulty levels, optional sound effects and more. Aside from this, there are as always a number of “under the hood” improvements.

  • Minesweeper is now included
  • Default files for first desktop page and file associations are now included. Previously, these were distributed with Costa, potentially overwriting user customizations on upgrade
  • “Execute” dialog on desktop now has option to browse for program to be run
  • About box implemented in all apps
  • Various mouse cursor-related graphical glitches fixed
  • More icons

To download the most recent version of Costa, head on over to the Download section.